Case Studies

Chiasma works with a variety of research projects and teams. These case studies describe the different ways people use the Chiasma Tools.

Project Environment with Chiasma Git

A neuroscience researcher and PhD student has been using Chiasma Git to maintain and store remote backup for 1 TB of data and analysis. His workflow involves remote backup and versioning which takes a snapshot of the data each day allowing him to easily access previous versions of the work. In addition to the data hosting and backup, he also uses Chiasma’s project tools to write and publish technical papers and 3D images associated with his work . Chiasma’s project tool suite includes ShareLaTeX, RStudio and web hosting.

Data Computing with Storage

A PhD student in optometry was struggling to work with a 20 GB data set of optical imaging in MATLAB because of limited local computing capacity. Chiasma helped her move the data set to RStudio and PostgreSQL with Chiasma ZFS backup so she could easily and quickly access and work with her data.

On-Site Server for Medical Study

A university research team of 5-10 full time staff was struggling to find the computing resources to store, analyse and backup their large 75+ TB data set. The team needed computing hardware and software that would allow them to quickly access their imaging data and make nightly backups to another server that would not disrupt their daily workflow. University computing resources and storage were not enough to allow them to conduct the study and analysis because of the amount of data and computing their study parameters required. Chiasma created a plan to install a local server to store their primary data as well as an off-site server for nightly backups of the new data acquired each day. This configuration allows them to save staff time and hardware resources as well as keeping their data on Australian servers in a secure and reliable way.



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